About: The ministry is birthed to bring together women who hold a leadership position in a ministry, church, or who are female pastors. 

Mission: To network with other female leaders for strength encouragement and mentorship especially during your first year in ministry. To be a safe place to grow into your calling. 

Vision: To provide a place of sisterhood for female leaders who desires the fellowship and support of other female leaders. A place for seasoned female leaders to mentor other women of faith. To be a network of help and service to the community.



Our goal is to encourage you in your intimacy with JESUS CHRIST. To provide a place for you to give back to the body of CHRIST and the community. 

1. To assist you as you begin to walk in your calling as a leader.

2. To mentor as a seasoned trained leader.

3. To be a network of skills, talent, and services to each other and the body of Christ.

To be a safe place to walk in your calling and to fulfill your destiny purpose.

Genesis 3: 15. And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. 

In this moment of the woman being cursed, also released was the KINGDOM Authority in her. 

God said  Genesis 3: 15. 
I am putting a division between Satan and the woman, and between the fallen angels and the seed of the woman. 

Everything she births has the capacity, the KINGDOM released authority to BRUISE YOUR HEAD and ALL of the demon spirits. 

A woman’s authority is not over a man. She was created to be a helpmate to her husband, but to take her KINGDOM AUTHORITY over the enemy. Bruise his head.  

Yes! Satan will bruise your heel, but if you WOMAN OF GOD stomps hard enough, you will CRUSH the life out of him. Take your place
Woman of GOD!